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Company introduction

Zhejiang Yancheng Valve Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Yancheng Valve Co., Ltd. is located in Oubei, Wenzhou, the beautiful hometown of China's pumps and valves. It is a professional manufacturer of valves integrating production, research and development, design and sales. Its main products are large-diameter gate valves and large-diameter check valves. The products are designed by CAD and strictly implement the ISO9001 quality standard to organize production and management. At the same time, the company actively introduces advanced technology at home and abroad and keeps innovating.

Yancheng Valve has always been committed to relying on technology, continuous innovation and strict management system; A complete set of management system has been established to closely integrate product design, production, sales and service, and strictly guarantee product quality. The company specializes in producing: large-diameter gate valve, large-diameter check valve, all-welded ball valve, direct-buried welded ball valve, turbo-type all-welded ball valve, vented all-welded ball valve, flanged welded ball valve, filter-type welded ball valve, large-diameter valve, gate valve, stop valve and other valves.

Enterprises enter the information network. Striving for "quality" is the purpose of Yancheng valve, and developing new products in depth is our long-term goal. Yancheng Valve guarantees its products with good management, advanced production technology and excellent service, and returns its customers' love for Yancheng Valve with good reputation.

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