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Precautions for installation of large diameter check valve

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Precautions for installation of large diameter check valve:

1. When placing the pipeline, attention should be paid to ensure that the passing direction of the large-diameter check valve is consistent with the flow direction of the fluid;

2. It is installed in the vertically placed pipeline. For the horizontally placed pipeline, the large diameter check valve is vertically placed;

3. Use a telescopic pipe between the large-diameter check valve and butterfly valve, and never connect it directly with other valves;

4. Avoid adding pipe joints and obstructions within the operating radius of the valve plate;

5. Do not install a reducing pipe in front or behind the large diameter check valve;

6. When installing large diameter check valve near the elbow, pay attention to leaving enough space;

7. When installing a large-diameter check valve at the outlet of the water pump, at least six times the diameter of the valve shall flow out to ensure that the butterfly plate is affected by the fluid.

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